7 Tips to Consider Before Putting Your Home on the Market

1.      Pricing for today’s market
The biggest mistake a seller can make is to market their property with a list price that is not reflective of the current market. What happens far too often is that a seller has a real estate professional conduct a market analysis on their home, and when the  agent tells them what the price should be in today’s current market , sometimes the seller  may argue and insist on listing for a higher price.
What happens is when you price above market value because you feel your home is worth more, you are only inviting disappointment and added stress. You may win the initial negotiation with your agent, but you may lose buyers by having them walk away when they realize your home is over priced in today’s current market.
The most important time to price your home correctly is when it first goes on the market, so price it right the first time. This way you will have buyers and their agents wanting to see your home and getting activity right away.
2.      Getting the home ready to put on the market
How a home is lived in and how a home is marketed are two totally different stories . For example: it is critically important for a seller to walk through the home and remove anything that is cluttering up the rooms, and it is also important to limit personal photos. This will help with keeping the buyers focused on the home not on the photos.
When we get comfortable in our homes, sometimes we forget how many things we’ve collected over the years. When you look at your home from a buyer’s perspective, less is more.
3.       Making it impossible for people to see the home
Too many sellers want to show their home at their own convenience. They demand a lot of notice for a possible showing from their agent. The reality is that if you are serious about selling, it is necessary to be accommodating to potential buyers and their agents whenever necessary.
Shoppers shop when they are in the mood to shop -- not always when the seller is in the mood to show. Sellers want buyers to see the property as soon as possible. This is why sellers make their homes available for showing at almost any time.
4.      Overdoing home improvements
Never go overboard with staging your home. You don’t want your house to be so pristine that it feels cold or so overdone that it looks like it’s out of a magazine, but you want it to feel warm and welcoming. Do, however, spruce up the yard, plant some flowers, de-clutter the home’s interior, rid the home of unpleasant smells, and apply fresh coats of paint to walls and doors.
5.      Hire a full service firm
Do not be fooled by the “limited service” companies that say they are full service. In real estate, as in all areas of life, you get what you pay for! Now more than ever, you need a full service agent that will do everything it takes to get your home sold for top dollar and within the quickest amount of time.
6.      Hire a local expert
All too often, home sellers will hire someone they know or an agent from a big-name company in Boston or elsewhere. Big mistake! Hire a local real estate company with a team that works and lives in the area. I see agents all the time roll into town, sell a home under the market value and leave the unsuspecting home seller with thousands of dollars in lost profit. No agent knows the market better than the local agent that lives, works, and has an investment in the community.
7.      Hire an agent that has a solid marketing plan
This is a big one! Why? Because 85% of buyers begin their home search on the internet. Selling a home is all about the marketing, and in this day and age this is true about marketing on the internet. Beware, many agents will tell you that they will be “marketing your home online,” but they will just be putting your house into their company’s website.  Putting your property on their corporate website is great, but only a start. There are so many marketing avenues on the internet. Remember, buyers are going to the internet to buy a home, and you want a real estate professional that is in the forefront of internet marketing.