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Home Buying Tips

We have had a couple of blog posts giving advice and tips to Sellers, but what about Buyers?  Here are a few things to get you started in the journey to buying your next home.

1. Work with a local Real Estate agent.  Local agents will know the in's and out's of the area you want to move to and can be a vital asset in getting new property listings and information as soon as it becomes available. 

2. This market is going crazy and homes are not staying on the market long, try your best to be educated about the market you are shopping in.  Be ready to make an offer if you walk into "The One"; this includes being pre-approved with a lender and having a pre-approval letter, and also having a check handy for a good faith deposit.

3. Location, Location, Location! You love the neighborhood but only "like" the house, consider making improvements over time to create the home you will love.  

4. Keep re-sale values in mind.  Life changes, sometimes buyers think they are going to live somewhere forever but then land that amazing job...across the country!  Getting the most out of your home sale can make that move a little less painful for your wallet. 

5. Look past the furnishings and decor.  Staged homes look great but what will it look like when you move your stuff in?  Try to imagine your couch, coffee table, etc. in the living room. This will also apply to homes where the taste of the owner may not be the same as yours; again, try to imagine your furniture and belongings in the house.