Blog :: 06-2016

Brian Molisse attends 2016 Realtor Day on the Hill in Boston

Brian Molisse attends 2016 Realtor Day on the Hill in Boston today, June 21st.  Each year Realtors from around the state gather at the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill for a continental breakfast and networking with their local representatives learning and discussing the key upcoming legislative issues affecting Real Estate and private homeownership.

This year marks the 31st year for this important gathering.  Today's keynote speaker was Lt. Governor Karyn Polito who addressed Realtor; she discussed issues facing homeowners, and about selling land owned by the Commonwealth to raise revenue and to give an opportunity to have new home buyers build new homes all over the state.  The Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR) supplied a list of the priority topics that would be discussed as an association; among those included were (for a list please click here):

  • Support Copper Theft Prevention
  • Support Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief and Debt Collection
  • Oppose Anti-Production Land Use and Zoning  

Also attending with Brian this year was Gina Michini of the Marshfield office.

Farmers Markets are popping up all along the South Shore

Farmers Markets have been making a comeback for quite a few years now, just about every other town has one. If you haven't visited one, here are a few reasons why you should.  

Support your local growers, their vegetables are super fresh and offer robust flavor

Pick up something you have never tried before!  Aside from having fresh produce these markets often have artisans who craft soaps, dog treats, honey, cheese, jams...the list goes on and on.  

You will know where your produce and crafted items come from.  It's fun to talk to people who are passionate about the products they provide.  The farmers and vendors take great pride in their offerings.


Here is a short list of a few area Farmers Markets:

Marshfield, MA

Plymouth, MA

Weymouth, MA

Scituate, MA


Home Buying Tips

We have had a couple of blog posts giving advice and tips to Sellers, but what about Buyers?  Here are a few things to get you started in the journey to buying your next home.

1. Work with a local Real Estate agent.  Local agents will know the in's and out's of the area you want to move to and can be a vital asset in getting new property listings and information as soon as it becomes available. 

2. This market is going crazy and homes are not staying on the market long, try your best to be educated about the market you are shopping in.  Be ready to make an offer if you walk into "The One"; this includes being pre-approved with a lender and having a pre-approval letter, and also having a check handy for a good faith deposit.

3. Location, Location, Location! You love the neighborhood but only "like" the house, consider making improvements over time to create the home you will love.  

4. Keep re-sale values in mind.  Life changes, sometimes buyers think they are going to live somewhere forever but then land that amazing job...across the country!  Getting the most out of your home sale can make that move a little less painful for your wallet. 

5. Look past the furnishings and decor.  Staged homes look great but what will it look like when you move your stuff in?  Try to imagine your couch, coffee table, etc. in the living room. This will also apply to homes where the taste of the owner may not be the same as yours; again, try to imagine your furniture and belongings in the house.