Blog :: 05-2016

Barbara Chandler joins Molisse Realty Group Marshfield

Molisse Realty Group is happy to announce that Barbara Chandler has joined our company in the Marshfield Office!  Barbara is a Marshfield resident and is very active in the community along with her husband.  They own and operate cranberry bogs and an equestrian facility where their daughter teaches and boards horses.  

Barbara has been in Real Estate for 34 years and has seen so many changes in the industry throughout those years.  She originally entered Real Estate as a way to have a flexible schedule in order to spend time with her children and attend their sports and other events.  Barbara is dedicated to continuing her professional growth and learning new technologies to keep pace with her clients needs.  The changes over the years have been significant and she feels they have improved the buying and selling process making it easier, more documented, and adding protection for her clients.

Having lived on the South Shore her entire life her knowledge of both the history and towns from Hingham through Plymouth and everywhere in between is extensive; she loves to share this knowledge and introduce new people coming into the area to a place she loves. “I’m proud to be able to say, move to the South Shore and enjoy a quality of living like no other!”

Barbara Chandler can be reached by email at or 781-910-7028.


Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale: Show Ready

Last week we talked about curb appeal and offered some tips on how to make your home more attractive to buyers checking it out from the street riding by.  You must have done a great job on the outside because now you have showing appointments scheduled! Here are some ideas on how to be "show ready".

1. Clean. Scrub the bathrooms, the kitchen...everything. Put together a handy tote with quick cleaning supplies and fresh towels so you can be ready in a flash!

2. Clear off the refrigerator and counters.  It gives the kitchen a clean, streamlined apprearance.

3. Candles or air fresheners? Neither...buyers are typically suspicious of odor masking techniques. You won't need these if you keep up on tip #1 above.

4. Clear the floors. Provide the inhabitants of your household with hampers so the picking up of bedrooms becomes a smidge easier to handle. Don't forget to vacuum and sweep the floors too.

5. Freshen up throw pillows and decor. Less is more when it comes to decorative items; this seller used a single color in the toss pillows and small pieces such as the mantle vase and candy dish throughout the room to give it a designer look. 


It's not always easy to achieve all this with pets, children, job schedules, etc. but doing your best a little bit each day will help take some of the stress out of showing appointments. Offering a clean and tidy home goes a long way with buyers!


Check back each week as we offer this multi-post series on Preparing Your Home For Sale!