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Brian Molisse attends 2016 Realtor Day on the Hill in Boston

Brian Molisse attends 2016 Realtor Day on the Hill in Boston today, June 21st.  Each year Realtors from around the state gather at the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill for a continental breakfast and networking with their local representatives learning and discussing the key upcoming legislative issues affecting Real Estate and private homeownership.

This year marks the 31st year for this important gathering.  Today's keynote speaker was Lt. Governor Karyn Polito who addressed Realtor; she discussed issues facing homeowners, and about selling land owned by the Commonwealth to raise revenue and to give an opportunity to have new home buyers build new homes all over the state.  The Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR) supplied a list of the priority topics that would be discussed as an association; among those included were (for a list please click here):

  • Support Copper Theft Prevention
  • Support Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief and Debt Collection
  • Oppose Anti-Production Land Use and Zoning  

Also attending with Brian this year was Gina Michini of the Marshfield office.

Farmers Markets are popping up all along the South Shore

Farmers Markets have been making a comeback for quite a few years now, just about every other town has one. If you haven't visited one, here are a few reasons why you should.  

Support your local growers, their vegetables are super fresh and offer robust flavor

Pick up something you have never tried before!  Aside from having fresh produce these markets often have artisans who craft soaps, dog treats, honey, cheese, jams...the list goes on and on.  

You will know where your produce and crafted items come from.  It's fun to talk to people who are passionate about the products they provide.  The farmers and vendors take great pride in their offerings.


Here is a short list of a few area Farmers Markets:

Marshfield, MA

Plymouth, MA

Weymouth, MA

Scituate, MA


Home Buying Tips

We have had a couple of blog posts giving advice and tips to Sellers, but what about Buyers?  Here are a few things to get you started in the journey to buying your next home.

1. Work with a local Real Estate agent.  Local agents will know the in's and out's of the area you want to move to and can be a vital asset in getting new property listings and information as soon as it becomes available. 

2. This market is going crazy and homes are not staying on the market long, try your best to be educated about the market you are shopping in.  Be ready to make an offer if you walk into "The One"; this includes being pre-approved with a lender and having a pre-approval letter, and also having a check handy for a good faith deposit.

3. Location, Location, Location! You love the neighborhood but only "like" the house, consider making improvements over time to create the home you will love.  

4. Keep re-sale values in mind.  Life changes, sometimes buyers think they are going to live somewhere forever but then land that amazing job...across the country!  Getting the most out of your home sale can make that move a little less painful for your wallet. 

5. Look past the furnishings and decor.  Staged homes look great but what will it look like when you move your stuff in?  Try to imagine your couch, coffee table, etc. in the living room. This will also apply to homes where the taste of the owner may not be the same as yours; again, try to imagine your furniture and belongings in the house.



Barbara Chandler joins Molisse Realty Group Marshfield

Molisse Realty Group is happy to announce that Barbara Chandler has joined our company in the Marshfield Office!  Barbara is a Marshfield resident and is very active in the community along with her husband.  They own and operate cranberry bogs and an equestrian facility where their daughter teaches and boards horses.  

Barbara has been in Real Estate for 34 years and has seen so many changes in the industry throughout those years.  She originally entered Real Estate as a way to have a flexible schedule in order to spend time with her children and attend their sports and other events.  Barbara is dedicated to continuing her professional growth and learning new technologies to keep pace with her clients needs.  The changes over the years have been significant and she feels they have improved the buying and selling process making it easier, more documented, and adding protection for her clients.

Having lived on the South Shore her entire life her knowledge of both the history and towns from Hingham through Plymouth and everywhere in between is extensive; she loves to share this knowledge and introduce new people coming into the area to a place she loves. “I’m proud to be able to say, move to the South Shore and enjoy a quality of living like no other!”

Barbara Chandler can be reached by email at or 781-910-7028.


Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale: Show Ready

Last week we talked about curb appeal and offered some tips on how to make your home more attractive to buyers checking it out from the street riding by.  You must have done a great job on the outside because now you have showing appointments scheduled! Here are some ideas on how to be "show ready".

1. Clean. Scrub the bathrooms, the kitchen...everything. Put together a handy tote with quick cleaning supplies and fresh towels so you can be ready in a flash!

2. Clear off the refrigerator and counters.  It gives the kitchen a clean, streamlined apprearance.

3. Candles or air fresheners? Neither...buyers are typically suspicious of odor masking techniques. You won't need these if you keep up on tip #1 above.

4. Clear the floors. Provide the inhabitants of your household with hampers so the picking up of bedrooms becomes a smidge easier to handle. Don't forget to vacuum and sweep the floors too.

5. Freshen up throw pillows and decor. Less is more when it comes to decorative items; this seller used a single color in the toss pillows and small pieces such as the mantle vase and candy dish throughout the room to give it a designer look. 


It's not always easy to achieve all this with pets, children, job schedules, etc. but doing your best a little bit each day will help take some of the stress out of showing appointments. Offering a clean and tidy home goes a long way with buyers!


Check back each week as we offer this multi-post series on Preparing Your Home For Sale!

Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale: Curb Appeal

This is it!  You have made the decision to sell your home, the Real Estate Agent has been hired, and you have started looking at new homes.  How do you get your home sold in less time for the most return?  Follow these tips from our experts to get your home noticed and buyers interested.

1. Spruce up your yard.  Rake out the lawn, pick up leaves, trim headges, and clear away debris. Having a green lawn is ideal not only for potential buyers riding by the home but also for photos that your agent will use to market your home.

2. Paint your front door.  Give it a new coat of paint, keep it classic or choose a bright bold color.

3. Place pots of vibrant flowers near your door or entryway.  Flowers are an instant pop of color and offer a cheerful welcome.

4. Replace your address numbers on the house.  Make the house easier to find with numbers of a contrasting color to the siding or trim, and make them large enough to be seen from the street.

5. Put out the "Welcome" mat.  Replace your old or worn door mat with a fresh new one, nothing says Welcome Home better!


Continue to come back to our blog as "Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale" is part of a multi-post series!

Christine McGuinness joins Molisse Realty Group in our Weymouth Office

Molisse Realty Group is happy to welcome Christine McGuinness to our Weymouth office at 636 Middle Street in the Shaw's Plaza. 

Being a life-long resident of Weymouth and now raising her two sons there, joining Molisse Realty Group is an ideal fit.  Christine brings her 12+ years of real estate experience to our team along with her knowledge of the local area.

She and her family have participated in fundraising and Diabetes awareness through the Tommy Tunes Organization ( since 2003 with an annual softball tournament.  Christine is a former President and Vice President of BNI, a local business and professional net-working organization.

Christine is inspired everyday by helping her clients realize their dream of home ownership with the perfect home for their wants and needs.  She has the passion to find the right home for her buyers and the right buyer for her sellers!

Contact Christine directly at or 781-316-6874.

Brian Molisse receives the Seller Representative Specialist Designation

Brian Molisse, Owner/Broker of Molisse Realty Group has received the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation from the Real Estate Business Institute (REBI), an affiliate of National Association of Realtors (NAR).  Designees are required to meet specific educational and experience criteria.

According to REBI's website, the SRS designation was created in 2006 by three recipients of the NAR Distinguished Service Award.  The purpose of the designation is to elevate an individual's professional standards, enhance their individual performance, and recognize those real estate professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential in professionally and ethically representing sellers.

The National Association of Realtors, the "Voice for Real Estate", is the world's largest professional association representing over 1,000,000 members involved in all aspects of the real estate industry.


Brian Molisse can be reached by phone at 781-837-5600 or by email at

John Cullen and Liz Roosevelt represent Molisse Realty Group

John Cullen and Liz Roosevelt represent

Molisse Realty Group at 

1st Annual Boys & Girls Club Career Night



On Wednesday, March 30th the Boys & Girls Club in Marshfield held their 1st Annual Career Night.  The community came out in full force to support this amazing event.  Professionals in the fields of journalism, engineering, banking, nursing, real estate, politics, law enforcement, and even a pilot were stationed at tables ready to talk about what they do.  This "pressure free" environment, allowed teens an opportunity to ask questions and discuss potential career options.  

John Cullen and Liz Roosevelt were there on behalf of Molisse Realty Group and took this opportunity to speak with several young people about real estate and how agents help clients achieve their goals of homeownership. 


The Boys & Girls Club event gave teens another option outside of the typical College Fair, at the request of many of their teen staff members.   Career Night was so well attended with over 40 teens dropping in, that the Boys & Girls Club plans to hold this event again next year.

Molisse Realty Group Welcomes Diana L. Smith to our Marshfield Office

Molisse Realty Group is happy to welcome Diana L. Smith to our Marshfield office at 23 Snow Road. 

A resident of Marshfield, Diana is a seasoned real estate agent with over 35 years of experience, and joins us from a local real estate office. Diana loves Real Estate, finding it a very rewarding job.  Her passion comes through when searching out just the right home for her clients.  She always strives to meet their unique needs; whether they are looking to move up, down size, or find the perfect home for parents with adult children looking to move back together.  Diana has also become an antique home specialist as she has restored her own homes working with many builders both locally and in Florida.  In her spare time, she volunteers at the Marshfield Council on Aging, and organizes Children’s and Senior Day events at the Marshfield Fair each year.  

Contact Diana L. Smith directly at or cell:  617-688-0567